BrandsEye is the world’s leading opinion mining company. We successfully called Brexit and Trump’s victory, and our mission is to help organisations around the world make more insightful decisions by using accurate, meaningful sentiment and topic data, mined by us. But we can’t fulfill our mission without the best talent.

Our mission is to make sure the human voice remains heard, and our Analytics team lies at the heart of our mission. They create structure from a mass of seemingly chaotic data, and provide our clients with valuable insights that are compelling, actionable, relevant to their strategy, and often unexpected.

Our best analysts are talented connectors of quantitative and qualitative consumer, competitor and market data, and are skilled at contextualizing and communicating insights, verbally and visually. Our environment is fast-paced and deadline-driven, so you'll also need to manage your time in a way that balances time for thinking, with time for execution, and be willing to learn a lot as you go along.

A qualification related to behavioural science lays a great foundation (e.g. Social Science or Marketing), and we're looking for at least 2 years' data analytics and/or research experience in a research, social and/or consulting environment, with a track record of finding insights that speak to strategy.

Interested? Want to join our mission? Show us how you'd fit in by completing an application, and let's chat.

Note: we appreciate every application we receive and try to give each due consideration. We do receive many though, so please be patient in hearing back from us, and consider that your application has been unsuccessful should you not hear back from us within 14 days of applying. To help us respond faster, please read requirements carefully and ensure your application contains the detail we need. Incomplete applications won’t be considered.

In line with BrandsEye’s commitment to employment equity, applications from candidates from designated groups, as well as disabled candidates, is encouraged.