BrandsEye is the world’s leading opinion mining company. We successfully called Brexit and Trump’s victory, and our mission is to help organisations around the world make more insightful decisions by using accurate, meaningful sentiment and topic data, mined by us. But we can’t fulfill our mission without the best talent.

Our rapid global growth means we need more business-minded Key Account Directors with at least 5 years’ experience managing accounts in the data, tech, business intelligence, software sales, analytics and/or research arenas, and who understand what it takes to retain international enterprise clients in a technology environment that is fast-paced and prone to disruption.

To make it happen, you’d need to:

  • Understand how your clients make decisions, using data and insights, in order to make you a trusted advisor to their business. This ties into understanding what your clients need to track and analyse, and how to present the information back to them in reports.
  • Be able to manage a sales pipeline effectively, from onboarding a new client, through to supporting them in being skilled up on your service and product, right through to reporting.
  • Be effective at building relationships and communicating. There are internal and external stakeholders contributing to the successful management of accounts, and you’d need to know how to clarify and manage expectations with all of them, and manage conflict and escalations effectively, in order to build trust and solidify relationships.
  • Manage accurate and timeous delivery. Being ultimately responsible for the quality of work delivered to your clients, you’d need to have a keen eye for detail to make sure that system mapping of client journeys, analysis and optimisation, and reporting for your clients is spot-on.
  • Be able to command and influence an audience with compelling presentations, and champion the brand at networking events. Your command of the English language, and interpersonal savvy, should be obvious.
  • Be naturally curious enough to stay progressive in your work, and in our industry.

Note: we appreciate every application we receive and try to give each due consideration. We do receive many though, so please be patient in hearing back from us, and consider that your application has been unsuccessful should you not hear back from us within 14 days of applying. To help us respond faster, please read requirements carefully and ensure your application contains the detail we need. Incomplete applications won’t be considered.

In line with BrandsEye’s commitment to employment equity, applications from candidates from designated groups, as well as disabled candidates, is encouraged.