Vice President - Sales

BrandsEye is the world’s leading opinion mining company. We successfully called Brexit and Trump’s victory, and our mission is to help organisations around the world make more insightful decisions by using accurate, meaningful sentiment and topic data, mined by us. But we can’t fulfill our mission without the best talent.

Our rapid global growth leaves us in need of a fearless, deal-driven Sales leader who will help us scale by building and leading a multi-national, high-performing team of enterprise sales consultants.

To make it happen, you’d need to:

  • Be a visionary sales leader. As a member of our executive committee, your team will be looking to you for guidance, support and decisions. Can you rally a team, and inspire them to deliver?
  • Be able to think strategically. Our company and market is evolving fast – can you figure out the best way forward, help shape our route to market, and guide strategic sales direction?
  • Have some serious commercial nous. As our primary dealmaker, you’d need to be comfortable in global enterprise and partnership negotiations.
  • Be on for the hunt. Can you work a network in a way that opens doors, then build the relationships needed?
  • Be able to command and influence an audience with compelling presentations and proposals in boardrooms and on the global conference circuit.
  • Be naturally curious enough to stay progressive in your work, and in our industry.

We’re looking to attract a hard-hitter from the upper echelons of big tech, banking, someone experienced in building sales channels in the enterprise software space, or someone who has seen a successful startup through and is looking for the next challenge.

We also know a good sales leader doesn’t come cheap – if you can deliver the return, we’re open to chatting.

If you’d prefer to discuss this position before applying, email us and we’ll call you back. If you’d like to apply, please include a cover page detailing your most recent experience in leading a sales team (including the size of the team), and the size and type of deals your experience carries.

Note: we appreciate every application we receive and try to give each due consideration. We do receive many though, so please be patient in hearing back from us, and consider that your application has been unsuccessful should you not hear back from us within 14 days of applying. To help us respond faster, please read requirements carefully and ensure your application contains the detail we need. Incomplete applications won’t be considered.

In line with BrandsEye’s commitment to employment equity, applications from candidates from designated groups, as well as disabled candidates, is encouraged.