BrandsEye hunts for data about brands and companies, and helps them understand what is being said, and why, by converting data to actionable insights using machine learning and human insight.

The challenge for our development team is to write software that analyzes and stores real-time streams of data (millions of Tweets, Facebook posts, blog and news posts, print media etc.) and extracts information from them. We have many back-end services communicating with each other and front-end applications to make all this happen.

We're an Endeavor company, with global clients, and we're growing fast. We pride ourselves on getting from a business idea or a solution to a problem to a quality working system in production quickly with as little overhead as possible. "Move fast and break things" with less of the "break things" part. We are a small team and need everything to run reliably so we can continue to get things done.

This Position

Our team is missing a Senior FE Developer interested in building web-based UI's, to lead our front-end development team. Strong JavaScript skills and knowledge of that fast changing ecosystem of frameworks and libraries is essential. You will be working with an experienced back-end team and designers.

The following skills will be essential for success:

  • JavaScript (ES5 and ES6), HTML and CSS (including SASS and/or LESS etc.)
  • Experience with several JS frameworks (e.g. React, Vue and d3 as well as older things like Backbone, Handlebars etc.)
  • UX design skills
  • Node
  • JavaScript related tooling (webpack, gulp, npm, browserify, babel etc.)

You'd need to be on the pulse of the ever-changing world of JS (and able to pick the winners!), be comfortable with Linux command line and a bit of bash, be experienced in delivering projects from idea to production, and be willing and able to mentor and nurture a self-directed, talented and highly curious team of developers.

A background in Java, Spring etc. is advantageous but not essential.